Saturday, September 3, 2011

MXC Weekly Update Sept. 3

Special - MXC Apparel
Mrs. Testa has again organized a special ordering of MXC apparel.  This is separate from the Uniform program, and offers everyone a chance to get some cool MXC logo gear.  You can print off this webpage -  Either bring it to a coach or drop it off at the Moorestown Running Company.  All orders are due this Tuesday, Sept. 6.

This Past Week
Trail Work - Thanks to everyone who came out and helped spread the chips before the big storm!  They mostly stayed in place.  Later in the season we will do a refresh from the piles we left remaining.  It was a quick 2 hours, gave us a break from running for a day and we even got donuts!

Workouts - We focused again on accumulating miles this week.  We are really impressed with a lot of guys.  The high mileage group looks very strong.  We got a bit of speedwork and cross training in on Thursday with Frisbee.  On Saturday the high mileage guys did a 4.2 mile tempo workout designed to build strength as well as learn how to run in packs.  The rest of the team did 1000 meter Thresholds.  

We were very happy with how well the top guys were able to run in packs and focus on negative splits.  Inglis looked very strong, and Horten was able to hang with him for splits of 9:00, 8:55 and 8:35 - perfect way to run.  Nece also looked great and the concept of running in packs proved very useful to Howard, who was able to gut it out and run right with him.  Lavery led the third pack with Joe Inglis and Connolly hanging tough.  This whole group, including Sheehan, really shows the great work they did this summer.  We can't talk about PR's and most improved until late in the season, but it has to be noted just how much Connolly has improved - his consistent long miles this summer are paying off.  It was a shame Spirgel and Kramer could not have been there.

The Threshold group also looked really good.  Caffrey and Martainou were simply cruising at the top of the group and should be considered potential contenders for the Varsity 7.  It was great to see Klawunn, Ems and Devin Connolly also having good, solid workouts.  Newcomers Novak and Voyack also both looked like they have some interesting potential.  The best thing was seeing good, consistent effort from everyone.

You can read about the type of workouts we do  at  Again, we are focusing on building the basic cardio system this year.  You can read more about that here - 

Logging Miles - We have a Uniform Program, where runners can earn uniforms, shirts and even sweats.  To earn a uniform (that you keep for the 4 years you run), runners must complete 100 miles.  T-Shirts are awarded at 250 miles, 500 miles, 1,000 miles and every 1,000 miles after.  That is based on total cumulative miles during a runner's career on the team.  We also award full sweats with embroidered name for runners who run over 500 miles from June 1 thru the Turkey Trot.  We are using a new log program this year - you must signup to be part of the MXC Club and then you will get weekly assignments as well as be able to log your miles.  We are using this effective for all miles after June 1.  You do not need to transfer Voomaxer miles - we will keep track of those.  Go to and
join the club and start logging miles.

This Coming Week - 
We meet on Monday at 8AM, and then the rest of the week we shift to the afternoon at 3PM.  

Cherokee Challenge - Saturday is our first meet.  You can learn more about it at  It is a great meet where there is a different 2 mile race for each class - Frosh, Soph, Jr and Sr.  We strongly encourage parents and family to come out and cheer for their favorite runners!  It is a blast, and even if your son says he doesn't want you - tell him Bickel said you were allowed to come ;-)
Eagles, Cote & Bickel

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