Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MXC Weekly Update Sept. 13

This Past Week
Overall, we are happy with the day.  Given where we are, the guys ran great races.  Lots of conservative starts and strong finishes.  Lots of guys coming off the course talking about all the runners they picked up over the second mile and feeling like they had more to give.   Given our training and lack of emphasis on speed, I thought that was promising.  

Noteworthy performances: 

1.  The Inglis Brothers:  Joe got out strong, ran steady through the middle mile, and continued to pick up runners right to the end.   He kept Kevin in sight and cut 30 seconds off his 2 mile time trial time.  Jack followed suit in the senior race, running like a #1.  Out strong (but not foolishly).  He was 25 at the 800, held steady through the mile, and picked up 10 guys over he last half of the race.  Look collected and strong throughout.  

2.  The Solid Seniors:  Evan Nece, Jack Spirgel, Mitch Cain, Mike Connelly:  While Lavery and Sheehan were a little off, the rest of the crew ran good races.   Following instructions, they were out slow -- maybe a little too slow -- but picked up steam throughout the race and finished strong, picking off lots of runners as they went.  Times are good, but the promise is better.   Looking forward to bigger things as they continue to get stronger and push harder. 

3.  The Bounce Backs --  Greg Rothman, Spiro Martinou:   Although he said he is feeling much better, I am still impressed with Rothman's performance given the roller coaster health ride he has been on over the last two seasons.  And Spiro, while not improving on his time trial time, still looks infinitely better now that he is healthy again.  Evan Nece could get an honorable mention, here, too. 

4.  The Flashes:  As in, flashing some potential.  Corey K (12:07), Mike O (12:16), Devin C (12:37), Connor Ems (12:43), and even Hillman (12:53) ran aggressively and well, all finishing much improved over their time trial times and pushing themselves up the depth chart.  They now sit right outside the top 12 and one only wonders how good they could be if they got serious about summer mileage.   Carrigan could also fall into this category.  He was a little slower, but still chopped 1:26 off his time trial time to finish in a respectable 12:58. 

5.  Frosh Figuring it Out:  In their second races, several of the young guys really stepped up time wise from their track time trial.   Micro Spirgel (-2:02 to 13:18), Macaluso (-2:55 to 13:26), Ing (-1:49 to 13:46), and Graham (-2:00 to 14:49) all ran markedly better the second time around.  Their leader, Barsoum, roared off the start line a little too quickly, seemed to struggle soon after, before crossing the line first for our frosh squad in 13:02, about 30 seconds slower than the track time. 

6.  Rounding into Shape:  Like some of the frosh, many of our older guys are in much better shape now than they were when practice started in August.  Carrigan (-1:26), Voyack (-1:20), Handlan (-1:05), Burke (-1:06), Burns (-1:45), Coneby (-1:19), LaGatta (-1:41), Malta (-5:03!!), and Charlie S (-1:12) all dropped over a minute.   Overall, 30 runners improved on their time -- to be expected, but good none the less. 

7.  Vincent Lee:  Special shout out to Vincent, who I've been impressed with.  A senior who has come in running more than ever continues to make strides.  He hoped to break 14 minutes (topping last year's CC time of 14:33).  After racing down the back stretch chasing two guys, he crossed in 13:14!   A just reward for a guy who is doing all he can to max out his potential.  The moments I live for! 

This Coming Week - 
Tuesday - Batch Meet at New Egypt

Saturday - South Jersey Shootout.

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