Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MXC Update - 6/21/2010

Welcome New Runners!
We currently have 66 guys signed up for Cross Country this year. That includes 43 returning runners, 4 new Seniors, 3 new Juniors, 5 new Sophomores, and 11 new Freshmen. I have put a link to the roster and contact information on the website. Please let me know of any corrections needed or if you would like your name removed.

Remember, it is not too late to sign up. So bring get your friends to come out. Nearly everyone can run, and achieve the success of getting PR's. The beautiful thing about running - everyone gets to play!

Stay tuned for information on a get-together for new runners in a few weeks.

MXC Summer Captains Practices
We have started Captains Practices every weekday morning at 8AM at the benches between the Middle School and High School. We've only gotten about 15 out the first two days - so pass the word.

Summer is the time to really make your season. While you may not like getting out of bed that early, it is a good feeling of accomplishment. And it is definitely the way to avoid injury during the season.

As a reminder, here are the miles we are looking for per day. This should all be slow and easy to build a base during the summer.
Championship Squad (typically about the top 12 runners):
June - 7 miles, 6 days per week.
July - 8 miles, 6 days per week.
August-November - 9 miles, 6 days per week, plus 3 miles on Sunday.
If you are doing more, just make sure you are coordinating with Eagles and Bickel.

Varsity Qualifiers (aiming for sub-19, which earns a Varsity Letter):
June - 5 miles, 5 days per week.
July - 6 miles, 5 days per week.
August-November - 7 miles, 6 days per week.

New and non-Varsity Runners:
June - 3 miles, 5 days per week.
July - 4 miles, 5 days per week.
August - November - 5-6 miles per day, 6 days per week.

If you are not home to participate in Captains Practices, then take advantage of the fact that you can run almost anywhere!