Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RunSignUp for Timing Services

We have had some great adoption of RunSignUp from timing service partners.  We provide a unique Timing Service Program that gives both timing services and race directors access to the race information.  This means no more emailing of race participants, but access to the latest by-the-minute information.

Here are some of our partners who take advantage of this program today:

We will continue to build out the capabilities to make life easier for timing services.  Look for some nice additions from us this winter that will integrate some of the most popular timing service software into RunSignUp.  If you have suggestions for us, please let us know!

Monday, November 7, 2011

MXC Weekly Update - Nov. 7, 2011

This Past Week

South Jersey Group 3 Championships - We started this season thinking there was only a slim chance of us being able to make it to States.  To do so, we would need to finish in the top 5 teams in South Jersey in Group 3.  We had lost 4 of our top 5 from the previous year, including the best runner to ever wear an MXC uniform.  However, this group of young men made a decision to work - and work hard.  They ran all summer long when the days are hot and the miles are boring.  They stepped up to a new level of mileage - 9 miles per day - that would give them the strength to be able to compete at this level.  They really came together over the past two weeks.  Hammering out some of the most epic workouts our program has seen, including the rain-sleet-hail-snow 5 X Paul Drive the week before the race.

The culmination was STATES!  Yes, we are moving on thanks to this dedication and some really remarkable performances.

Jack Inglis continued to show his leadership - running in the top 15 the whole way.  He earned a great PR, and importantly helped Horten the whole way.  We had a plan that the two of them should run together.  Even though Kevin Horten was nursing a sore IT Band injury, having Jack set the pace gave him the marker he needed to keep going.  He knew if the team was to have any chance, he had to hang on for dear life.  He ignored those demons that come during the race to just let go.  He shattered his PR and ran sub-17 minutes for the first time in his life. No way he does that alone.  Jack really showed the importance of running as a team and stepping up.

Joe Inglis provided the biggest breakthrough of any runner.  He broke his PR by 35 seconds and just missed sub-17 by 2 seconds...  This was a big league performance.  He warms up with a very loose, talkative attitude, but once in the race he runs with a quiet determination.  He picked up places the whole way - focusing on the stripes of his older brother and Horten ahead of him.

Luke Howard had one of those races where you learn to be tough.  Every runner has races where they are not at their best and the legs just don't feel right in the race.  Many runners will pack it in and accept that it is not their day.  Howard was a true warrior.  Gritting out every single place to make sure his team had a chance to advance.

Reed Kramer had a horrible workout last Saturday.  It was the beginning of an illness and fever that bothered him much of the week.  No one was sure what to expect.  As he has proven all year, he is one tough runner.  After the race he said all he was thinking about was picking up places for the team.  The result was a big PR and his first sub-18 minute race.

Mitch Cain and Evan Nece also ran great races.  As our 6th and 7th men, they both ran faster than 10 of the teams 5th men - pushing competitive teams back in the point totals.  Cain also set a PR by over 20 seconds.  Both Cain and Nece have had a remarkable senior year - really making significant progress from previous years and showing their determination to make an impact on this team in their final year.

I want to make special note of Jack Spirgel.  He got sick during the middle of the season.  Unfortunately we can only run 7 guys in races, but in our view we have a Varsity 8 this year.  He has been a part of every workout - putting as much or more effort in each day as any of the other 8 guys.  He has been there at every race, cheering on, but ready to step up if someone goes down.  He has been a true leader by example and really the type of role model this team is all about.

Also, special thanks to the guys who came up to cheer on the team (as well as a special surprise, the fastest runner in MXC history, Anthony Horten, was there with some inspiration).  It was a fun day.  Hanging the Sock Monkey mascot in the tree, running around the course cheering the guys on, and learning the ropes so that they are ready to step up as they prepare to take the place of departing Seniors.

Our average team time dropped from the South Jersey Open to to this race by over 30 seconds.  While we had an "off day" at that race, that level of improvement is quite a testament to the hard work the team has put in.

This Coming Week
State Championships - Saturday Nov. 12 10:50 AM Race Time - Holmdel Park
We head to the home of Cross Country, Holmdel Park, to take part in the State Championships this weekend.  This is a great final race for our Seniors.  A beautiful course.  The best runners in the state.  A fun day to let it rip one more time this season and see what we have.  Can't wait!

Also, remember the team Banquet on Tuesday, November 15 at 6PM in the high school. Go to the website for more information!

And the Turkey Trot is fast approaching!  This is our major fundraiser each year.  We need everyone's help - we will talk more about this at the banquet.

And finally, we would like to invite all runners to schedule time with us to debrief on the season and talk about your upcoming plans.  Eagles, Cote and Bickel will be in Eagles room after school this week and next week.  Please stop by, as we want to make sure we get to spend time with each runner on an individual basis.