Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MXC Weekly Update - Sept. 26

This Past Week

Home Batch Meet - We had a very successful home meet again this year.  We shifted the course, to very positive results.  We won all of the match-ups:
MXC 21, Holy Cross 40
MXC 18, Maple Shade 43
MXC 22, Bordentown 39
MXC 15, Palmyra 50

On a traditionally slow course (probably about the same as GCC, but a bit faster than Holmdel), we had a number of PR's:  Lavery, Connelly, Martainou, Poaletti (49 seconds!), Novak (55 seconds!), Lee, Kahn (over 2 minutes!!), LaLumia, Schlesinger, Reubel, Kohart, Dugan and Maier.  And we had a number of guys that were close.  We are clearly benefitting from the miles and they will pay dividens over the next few weekends.

Special kudos to Connelly.  Broke 19 minutes for the first time, earning a Varsity letter.  Your consistent, hard work is really a great example for the whole team.

Up top, we were really impressed with Inglis being so tough the last mile and putting away the race, as well as Horten being willing to take a chance and take the lead after the mile point.  Howard showed some resilience to come back in the last mile and Spirgel seems to be rounding into racing shape.

The finish of the day was between Reubel and Kohart.  Freight trains hurtling toward the line, although I am still not sure who won...

Final shout-out to Kramer, who withstood the rath of all the coaches yelling at him because they were so frustrated with the official.  Kramer had unknowingly volunteered to help mark team places - thanks!

Friday Workout - The JV had a track workout on Friday to start to build a bit of speed as they come toward the end of their season the next few weeks.  We did 800's and 400's on the track, working on feeling comfortable at a faster pace.

Saturday Workout - The Varsity headed to Holmdel to get ready for this weekend's Shore Coaches meet.  They did 4 X 1 mile at threshold pace for the first 3 and then worked hard on the last mile.

This Coming Week - 
Tuesday - Batch meet at BCIT Westhamton.  Remember you can get directions to all race locations on our website at http://www.moorestownxc.org/Racing/Directions.html.   Starts at 3:45.

Psych Party Special Collection - Luke Howard will bring a box to every psych party that people can donate non-perishable food items into, and he will take care of the rest, delivering the food to the SJFB center, in Pennsauken.

Saturday - Shore Coaches Championship at Holmdel.  Meet Information is at http://nj.milesplit.com/meets/95925.  Frosh Boys run at 1:10, Varsity is in the B school size Race - at 2:15, and the JV will run the B race as well at 4:35PM.  Expect a late return home! 

Thought for the day:
"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit." - George Sheehan

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