Saturday, March 5, 2011

MXC Weekly Update- Spring Track Edition - Time Trials

Welcome to Spring Track! We have about 30 guys out for the Distance team and 60+ overall including the sprints, jumps and weights. This is the largest distance crew we have had out for Track, which is a good sign! The only downside is that track does not have the same opportunity for everyone to run in every meet like Cross Country does, but there should be plenty of chances for everyone to run some races.

We had our annual season opening 2 Mile Time Trial (actually semi-annual counting XC). We had 27 guys run it - another record. Overall we were very pleased with the results. The guys that had been running all winter showed it. Some of the guys doing winter sports also showed a great start - the Inglis brothers, Howard, Caffrey, Orzechowicz pop to mind.

Of course it would not be a time trial without someone losing it - and Kramer came thru for us on his final lap taking a moment to fertilize some grass...

You can see the times on the website along with the new VDOT. These VDOT's will rise rapidly by early April when racing starts in earnest. There is also a link to the Spring Schedule.

This coming week, we will get easy miles in on Monday and Tuesday. Then a good interval workout on the track on Wednesday and then some Threshold on Saturday.

As a PS, congrats to the guys who ran the Indoor Sectionals. In the 3200, Shipley ran a nice PR (indoor and outdoor) in 11:06. Rothman also PR'd BIG with a 11:54. Samocki and Sieggreen ran good 1600's for having no speedwork. Kevin Horten and Munilla did a bit of a spped workout running the 800. Munilla especially had a nice kick at the end.