Sunday, June 30, 2013

MXC Update June, 2013

This is the first week of the new season!  And Captains Practices are in full swing.  We had 19 guys out this morning - 5 of them Freshmen!

We all know that the cross country season is really made in the summer. Running takes time to get in shape, and simply starting up in mid August barely puts you in shape to run your best in October and November. It does not matter if you are trying to be one of the Top 7, make the qualifying time of 19 minutes to earn your Varsity letter, or trying to set PR's.  Now is the time to get out.

Captains run the practices each morning Monday - Saturday at 8AM.  We meet at the "Benches" - by the Admin building between the middle school and high school.  Coaches show up occasionally, so this is really about self motivation and developing the self discipline to get out the door that early!

We have posted some mileage guidelines on the website. It is labeled Aggressive Plan. Note the very top guys have made a serious commitment this year to go way beyond previous teams in terms of their mileage commitment and level of work they want to put in. This is a bold statement about where they want to be in November.

Note we do not have the new people on this email list yet - so pass the word.  And of course Alumni and runners from other schools are welcomed!

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