Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bickel Bucknell Freshman Track

I did not remember putting this together, but I just found my log from freshman year at Bucknell Track season.  Brings back some good memories.

It looks like it was mostly volume, and not many races and not that much track work.  My highlight, target race was the ECC meet and I got 4th, which was a major improvement over finishing the XC season as the worst guy on the team (I burned out during xc season from all the mileage).

I only ran 3 real races that season.  We concentrated on mileage - about 100 per week.  My hardest workout was only:

880 @ 2:26
880 jog;
1mi @ 4:43
1320 jog;
1320 @3:35
880 jog;
880 @ 2:25
880 jog;
4X 440 65, 65, 70, 70 ‐ 200 jog between

My workout the Tuesday before the Saturday race was:

2 X 880 @ 2:16 ‐
jog 880 btw;
4 X 440 @ 66‐67 w 440 jog

I dropped mileages from 100 to 89 to 50 the week of the ECC race.

Coach had amazing luck with the heavy on distance approach.  A lot of us average runners in high school got pretty good with the volume approach.  He was a Lydiard follower.

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