Saturday, March 27, 2010

MXC Track Weekly Update

This Past Week

We are getting into a rhythm. The miles are starting to build and we are starting to get in shape. The purpose of March is really to build a base for our target races in May. Hence, we are training thru our scrimmages and meets and making sure we get miles in every day.

In spit of Senior Trip and training thru our scrimmages, we had a great day at Cinnaminson on Wednesday. There were two PR's - Shipley and Lamina. As mentioned previously, Shipley is really putting in some good work and seeing some marked improvements. Lamina is a freshman, first time runner and it is fun to watch him explore how good he can get. It will be interesting to see if he can earn a Varsity letter with a sub-5 performance once he gets in shape.

Up top, Horten got some speed work in, with a nice 2:06 800. Out in 60.5, it was his fastest 400 of the season and he held on pretty well. Weintraub ran a steady 71-72-72-68 for a 4:43 leading from start to finish int he 1600. Samocki showed a lot of toughness and buried the guy from who finished 2nd in the Divisional XC meet.

Today we headed out for a great hill threshold on Paul Drive. This is a great volume and strength day. The top guys ran 10 miles, with 4X 1000+ meters. Even the Freshmen got 7+ miles in.

This Coming Week

Just to make clear, our goal is to run fast at the end of the season. That means Sectionals for the top guys and the Haddonfield Distance meet for others. Both are toward the end of May.

We are doing things a bit different this year and introducing speed work earlier in the season. The idea is to get used to running that fast, but not do it in such a way that it is too hard and allows us to still get miles in a build strength. So if the weather cooperates, we will target a light strides at sub-mile pace at the end of easy miles on Monday and some 400's at mile pace on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 3 is the Hall of Fame Relays at Maple Shade. Please let us know if you will be away. We are expecting everyone to be there and participate. Weintraub, Horten, Samocki and Ems will be doing the 4 X 1600 relay. The freshmen will be doing a 4 X 800 relay and most others will be in Distance Medley Relays.

Also, remember that we still need volunteers for the Moorestown Invitational on Saturday, April 10. Please let me know if you can help by emailing me at

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