Thursday, August 6, 2009

RunSignUp First Race a Success!

Here is what the first race director had to say about using RunSignUp:

"Without I’m not sure our 5k would have ever gotten off the ground. As a first-time race coordinator, marketing our event, as well as providing a platform for registration and payment, was a top concern. Before enrolling with I had less than five registrants over a one month period; in the days immediately following my registration with, I had over a dozen registrants through the site. This was a testament, for me, that the platform worked. I am 100% confident that because of, we were able to double our total number of anticipated registrants for our race. By providing a platform to register and pay before race day, we were able to secure much needed cashflow for the event and accurately estimate the number of registrants. From a time management perspective, after using I did not have to deal with paper registrations, manual checks and visits to the bank. I was able to divert my time elsewhere. I give the highest recommendation of to all race coordinators; it’s a must have tool for your arsenal."

Thanks for the nice words! Online registration for running races should be easy for everyone. And that is what we are totally focused on.

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Marc said...

Congrats Bob! Keep up the great work!