Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moorestown Cross Country Course

One of the great accomplishments of the Moorestown Cross Country Team was the building of their own home course. This has been a long endeavor that started in 2005. You can read some of the history here. And here and here.

We got a nice article written in the Philadelphia Inquirer. They really captured the spirit of the team in persevering thru 3 years of effort that required about 600 hours of volunteer effort by the Moorestown Cross Country Team. And we learned that it takes cooperation across a wide range of people and groups.

I recall the first day we ran as a team on the trail as it neared completion. Nearly 70 guys running thru the woods cheering and shouting. I wish all of our benefactors had been there to see that. And we got a LOT of help and support, since the multiple phases cost us about $30,000. So special shout-outs to Leonberg Nurseries, Moorestown Alumni Association, Moorestown Rotary, Family Fun Day, RBC Wealth Management, Long & Foster Realty, and the Moorestown Education Foundation!

Chris Barr, a runner from the early 1960’s teams at MHS, was kind enough to make a map of what the course looked like back in 1963. The course was down at Memorial Field and Strawbridge Lake and on the roads for almost 1/3 of the race. At some point in time in the 1980’s the course transferred over to the high school, but involved running on the roads in Stanwyck Glen. This got outlawed by the State in the 90’s and the team has been without a home course since then.

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